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The Book of Mormon!

BOSo, guess who was lucky enough to nab tickets to a matinee performance of the genius sell-out show The Book of Mormon on my day off this week? Oh yes. I doubt the show, which has tickets being resold for up to £500 on ebay (‘What recession?’ I hear you ask), needs another rave review, but I bloody loved it.

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect, I knew it was from Trey Parker (South Park and Team America) and Matt Stone (South Park and Avenue Q), which gives a slight idea of the style of comedy, and that it had been a humongous success in the states and was now coming across the pond to make us Brits piss our pants laughing too. It did not disappoint.

The audience follow two young and extremely eager Mormon boys on their mission to Africa to convert tribal villagers into Mormons. The show is not only hilarious, but I think it acts as a critique of religion as a whole, without being insulting (miraculously). Ok it may make fun of aids, poverty, homophobia, racism, sex with children, bestiality, nazi Germany (yes, Adolf does make an appearance) and possibly anything else politically incorrect or risqué you can think of, but they somehow make it OK. Even mormons were snapping up advertising space in the program, rather than damning the show, which I found particularly comical.

The entire cast were the perfect balance between fantastic singing and dancing and impeccable comic timing and performance. And don’t worry if you aren’t a huge fan of South Park, although some of the humour is similar, The Book of Mormon is a great piece of unique entertainment in it’s own right.

Get your tickets now!


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