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Daft Punk, pure funk.

Random_Access_MemoriesDaft Punk are back, and my, my am I excited. Today I heard ‘Get Lucky’, the first song released from their new album Random Access Memories (due to be released in the UK on 20th May). It’s a song packed full of beautifully funky sounds, vocals from N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams and  guitar from disco legend, Nile Rodgers – a recipe for a great track, if you ask me. The Random Access Memories official website has a section called ‘the Collaborators’, with videos dedicated to each those featuring on the upcoming album, I recommend you check it out, there’s a fairly long list! The track listing has been released, and if ‘Get Lucky’ is anything to go by, the rest of this album will fill me with joy and get me through the dreaded exam period and will compliment my summer beautifully.

Here, have a listen…


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