Instagram’s not just for Hipsters

Picture 4

More and more people are using mobile phones to capture their everyday life, and a lot of people are snooty about it. Pictures taken on your phone can’t be considered proper, serious photography – or can it? Sometimes it’s just not feasible to whip out your slr camera when you’re rushing to work or uni. New York photographer, Damon Winter, for example, found that using a big, bulky camera to capture the lives of troops on the front line of Afghanistan was simply intimidating for the subjects and caused them to act in a different way – as if they had to pose for the camera. A smart phone is much less intimidating and can actually capture some of the most  natural moments.

Picture 9

I use the social media site instagram, the unfortunate home of the ‘selfie‘ (pretty vain photos taken of yourself from varying angles – because all your friends may have forgotten what you look like) and many many pictures of food (although I like that bit). However, I think it can be much much more. Instagram allows you to simply edit your photos and share what you can see with all your friends. I find that I spot some of the coolest things when I don’t have my camera to hand, so I use my phone. I’ve actually achieved some great results. The photos in this post are all taken on my iphone, and are on my instagram. They were all taken at moments where I just spotted something cool, a lovely sunset, the beautiful green of trees on my way to work or the first bit of sun peeking through the clouds.

Picture 10

With it’s vintage looking filters it’s got a bit of a name for itself. But it isn’t just a place for the super hip to show off their super hip lives (although you do get a lot of that). If you follow the right people, you can see other people’s fantastic snaps from all corners of the globe. In a world where camera phones are getting increasingly fancy, I think photography with phones has a place in our future. I won’t be selling my ‘proper’ camera any time soon though.

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4 thoughts on “Instagram’s not just for Hipsters

  1. I still take picture with my dSLR, but Instagram has been a fun way to see things from a new view. I have been addicted to it. Not too many food pictures yet either!

    • Yeah me too. Most of the photos on here are from my slr, but it’s nice having a phone with a decent camera so I can snap things on the go. It’s a nice way to browse and see what friends are up to as well. Thanks for popping by!

  2. I first thought Instagram was pretty stupid, but I’ve found myself using it quite a bit lately. I tend to use it to post pics of funny things I see, like a random street sign that might have been cleverly defaced. I do like your photos; I’m a big fan of outdoor/travel photography.

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