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Valparaíso: South America’s Most Colourful City

If I could recommend something for people to do when visiting Santiago, it would be to visit Valparaíso. It’s bohemian, it’s laid back and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s only just over an hour away from Santiago, but it feels so different. Just like when we visited Colonia in Uruguay, the best way to show what it’s like is through photographs, as my words won’t do justice to how quirky and unique the city is.




10 thoughts on “Valparaíso: South America’s Most Colourful City

  1. Love this and your Santiago post! We’re heading there soon and this has got me all excited!
    Do you think it’s possible to do a day trip to Santiago from Valparaíso?

    • Oh good, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Yes definitely, there are frequent buses running all day between the two and it only takes about an hour. We’re traveling slowly so spent some time in both cities, but many people take day trips between the two.


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  3. Wow! it is stunning and full of colour – I love the look. I am hoping to visit South America some time over the next year and I would not mind adding this beautiful place to my list! thanks for sharing (:

  4. Absolutely love the colours and photos on this! has just convinced me further that South America has to be my next trip! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It’s such a beautiful place, definitely add it to your list if you’re planning a trip! When I leave South America in just over a month I’ll write a round up post of the best things I did the whole trip, so hopefully that can help add some more things to inspire you! It’s a beautiful and diverse continent 🙂

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