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The Perks of Being an Apple Picker


I’ve been really useless recently at keeping up the writing on the blog, but from this week that should all change. We’ve spent the last four months or so in Hawkes Bay, and most of our time has been spent working on local orchards. It may sound lovely and quaint, and it is nice working outside in the Kiwi sunshine (except when it rains), but it is also bloody hard work. Most recently we’ve been working for a local company called Johnny Appleseed, picking a variety of types of apple. I now know more about apples than I thought I ever would; it’s another string to our bows, I suppose! I have also never used the apple emojis so much in my life.


There’s not a lot I can say about apple picking, really. It’s exactly how you would imagine it. We climb ladders a lot, we have a bucket strapped to our front and we fill it with juicy, red apples. We listen to podcasts to pass the time; Toby and I have been productive and have used this as an opportunity to carry on learning Spanish. We have all become fitter, and we can now wake up at 5.30am every day, no sweat! We also frequently bring cast-off apples home by the box load (and sometimes plums, peaches and nectarines, too), so we have had plenty of crumbles and cakes in an attempt to use them all up!


Sadly, however, this is our final week at the orchard, and our short careers as apple pickers are coming to an end. Next week we will say goodbye to Hawkes Bay, and Allan and Rhondda, our Kiwi parents, and head on down to the South Island for the next leg of our adventure. It’ll be great to be on the road again – we feel like we need a holiday!



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