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The Beautiful Lakes of Pukaki and Tekapo

Once we had recovered from the Routeburn Great Walk, after resting our muscles and having some real food again (that wasn’t freeze dried powder), we made our way back towards Christchurch, where Tim and Clare were due to fly home. On the way back we broke up the long journey by spending a couple of nights in Burkes Pass, not far from lakes Pukaki and Tekapo.

Both lakes are vast expanses of clear, turquoise water, reflecting the rolling hills and looming mountains in the background. We stopped off to see Lake Pukaki first. Looking across Lake Pukaki, from the side of SH8, you get a wonderful view of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s largest mountain. We were there on a beautifully clear day, and the views were breathtaking. We continued on the highway to Lake Tekapo, where we wandered along the pebbly beach and Toby disrupted the calm waters with some impressive stone skimming. The lakes are brilliant places to take photos, and I think the photos will show you what it was like better than my words can! (The first set of photos is Pukaki and they second is Tekapo, the look very similar, but we got to get up close to the edge of Lake Tekapo.)




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